Tips for Securing an IoT Deployment

Hard on the heels of updating my earlier post about the Internet of Things (IoT), I came across another post on ZDnet entitled “How to Secure Your IoT Deployment in 10 Steps,” that was published a few days ago. While many of these tips seem targeted at device manufacturers and system integrators as opposed to consumers, the full post is worth a read. Here, in brief, are the 10 steps – I strongly recommend reading the full post to get a more detailed explanation:

  1. Make security a feature.
  2. Don’t buy into “security through obscurity.”
  3. Consider security as cheap insurance.
  4. Play hacker.
  5. Go for the minimum.
  6. Check all your components.
  7. Provide an update capability (as long as it doesn’t present a backdoor).
  8. Use the right hardware.
  9. Map your system, end to end.
  10. Perform some “IoT estate planning.”

If you’re deploying any kind of IoT devices, this post is definitely worth a read. Did I mention you should read it? Yeah. Read it. Don’t think it’s very important? Then read this.

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